OK people. To see the prologue you have to go to the actual website yvonnehertzberger.com and go to the page I set up for it. Sorry, I ought to have included that in the last blog. Still learning here. Most of you likely knew that though, right? Cause you are all so smart, unlike me. lol.

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  1. Yvonne, thank you for your comment over at Patty Jansen’s blog. I wanted to hope over here and see what you have. I like the sound of your book. Will definitely check it out!

    POV is tricky, as you’ve said. I always have to go through my scenes very carefully to look for inadvertent head-hopping. It can be subtle. So far as I know, if I’ve left any head-hopping in a scene, it’s on purpose. I think I did it a couple of times in Shipbuilder. But it’s very rare, and I always had a reason for it.

    • Thank you Marlene. I appreciate the interest. With Through Kestrel’s Eyes coming soon I hope people will check out Back From Chaos, too, as it is the first in the trilogy. They can stand alone but are more complete together. Back From Chaos is available in e-format for $6.00 at amazon.

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