Earth’s Pendulum

Book 1 of Earth’s Pendulum
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Earth’s Pendulum, the title of my trilogy, was chosen carefully. It reflects the theme of then entire serial. When I look at major world history I see that things tend to go in cycles, or, put another way, swing from chaotic to peaceful and back again. I use the terms “chaos” and “balance” to describe the pattern in this trilogy. The first book “Back From Chaos” begins with a battle, hence in chaos, but by the end, the world I have created rests in relative peace. The second book “Though Kestrel’s Eyes” allows the pendulum to swing back to chaos again. The third and final book will once more take end in relative balance. That one,  “The Dreamt Child”  is still being written. Even I don’t know exactly how balance will be accomplished. My characters will let me know. I hope to have this installment available by the end of this year.

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Book 2 of Earth’s Pendulum
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Underlying this pattern is an environmental theme. In my ‘world’ much of this state of chaos or balance is determined by how the people interact with each other and with their environment. They worship a goddess, Earth, but she is not all powerful. Her ability to maintain health, prosperity and balance requires that the people avoid behaviours that result in chaos.  The interdependence between Earth and the people is woven throughout the trilogy. All this is mediated by a seer, the only one who has direct communication with the goddess.

I categorize Earth’s Pendulum as Old World Fantasy, or Epic Fantasy because it is set in an early medieval time with almost no technology. Fans of Historical Fiction will enjoy this as well.

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Earth's Pendulum Book 3

Earth’s Pendulum Book 3
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In the first two volumes seers are forbidden love and children. Then why is Liannis plagued by a recurring dream of herself, Merrist and a small child together? So far she has avoided the temptation that Merrist’s love for her presents. Both have acted with honour. But it seems Earth has other plans for them, plans that will turn tradition upside down and challenge belief.

The Dreamt Child shows that society must evolve to handle the challenges that progress bring. This is the return swing of the Pendulum, where The goddess Earth prepares her people for the changes that are necessary for continued survival. It also deals with our habit of resisting and distrusting change and our reactions to it.

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 I hope you enjoy this journey with me. Thank you for visiting and reading.

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