About Yvonne

Yvonne Hertzberger has been a Jill of all Trades; actor, singer, gardener, hairstylist, and decorator. This long-time student of human nature, empty nester, retiree and late bloomer, finally found her calling writing epic fantasy. She lives with her spouse, Mark in Stratford, Ontario.

If you are interested in reading more about Yvonne or her creative process, please visit her blog. She would be happy to share any insight that she could provide to those seeking it.

Yvonne is a contributing author on the staff of Indies Unlimited,  the greatest site to support and promote Indie writers since the invention of the e-reader, and on the recommended list at Preditors and Editors.

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  2. Hi, Yvonne. Nice blog layout. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I popped over from Indies Unlimited.

  3. Amy Kaplan says:

    Love the new site. Can’t find the follow button on this one.

  4. Mike Bove says:

    Best wishes for continued success in 2015, Yvonne.

  5. I would like to wish you, Yvonne and all your readers a wonderful Holiday Season and what looks to be a great 2019! When I was looking to move to your country, I must have been put on a list as I get at least weekly statements from Prime Minister Trudeau, a truly great leader with vision, principles, and conviction. Each time I get one of his marvelous Statements, they go directly on Facebook. I have “foreseen” a great many things. One is that 2019 promises for the US to return to our country of old with new leadership and that “Individual 1” will be on his way out of “The Dump” come New Year 2019. Best wishes to all!

    • Thank you, Karan. I hope you are right about the future of the U.S. I do like Trudeau’s international vision, though am not totally on board with a few of his national ones. That said, he’s still a darn site better than his predecessor. Unfortunately he tends to get the blame for things beyond his control – either inherited from the past or affected by changes outside his control – many of them caused by what’s happening south of our border. I am not optimistic about his getting a second term. Voters tend to react rather than think and act.

      All the best to you in the coming year. Happy holidays.

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