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  1. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed looking over your website. You have done a very nice job, one I would wish to emulate. I have enjoyed reading your work, and I wish you good luck on the final volume. Karan Henley Haugh

  2. Shaun says:

    Could you please let me have your email address so that I can invite you on Naymz.


  3. Hello Yvonne! How are you doing? I hope that this message finds you well! My name is Terrick Heckstall. I am a North Carolina based author writing under the pseudonym T.H. Morris. It is a pleasure to connect with you! I wanted to contact you for three reasons; first, simply to say hi and hello! Second, your books look amazing! They remind me of works by Sharon Shinn. And third, may I be involved in indies unlimited? I am an indie author, and my debut paranormal mystery novel, The 11th Percent, is out now! It is Book 1 in what will be a seven book series. As such, I’d love the opportunities to network with, meet, support, and glean any advice or gems from other indie authors that I can. Would you do me the honor of being able to benefit from the resources of Indies Unlimited, like so mant countless others?

    • Hi Terrick: Thank you for your kind comments. Firstly, any one can “follow” Indies Unlimited. By doing so you will receive all new posts and be able to go back and peruse previous ones. they are all on the site @ I suspect you may already have done this. If you wish to write a guest post or take advantage of any of the services they offer the guidelines for submission are on the site. Good luck with your writing and i hope to see you also at IU.

  4. Shann Hurst says:

    I just found your website. Don’t mind me while I’ll go exploring through it, and it looks like I might be here for a while. Thanks for your work.

  5. Are you currently reviewing books by magical realism authors?

  6. Couldn’t find how to comment, but wanted to say I enjoyed your reviews, especially the one about Shards of Glass. It is doubly difficult to write about tough subjects well – high standards in both departments.

  7. Marin says:

    Just finished reading “Authoright – Authowrong”.
    Good research, excellent title, nice writing.
    Also, discovered several things in common – one day we might discuss details.

  8. Dear Yvonne,

    I’m getting a weird series of links which lead nowhere, and odd emails from you.

    Should I just be patient? Or have you been hacked?



  9. Hi Yvonne and All! Happy Holidays!!! Thanks to you, Yvonne. In getting in touch with you this December, 2018, you gave me 4 of your websites, including this one. I see an earlier email which I sent to you. It just comes to mind that I should alert you all to the expensive — $35.00/month “G Daddy” website I have labored over for weeks: This advertises my writing, editing, instruction of English, English as a Second Language, French, French/English translation services like my original website:, but it also contains several of my e-mail writings available over computers, not cell phones. I will as time and circumstances permit be adding to these. I think you would find the assortment rather interesting. If you or anyone could recommend other ways of alerting the public — I’m already using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter –I would be most grateful. Thank you.

  10. Melissa says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    Just started reading Back from Chaos. I’m a retired social studies teacher and I’m wondering if you could give an idea how big One Isle is. Is it the size of Hispaniola? The main island of the the UK? Australia? It probably can’t be too big, since it takes of party of 26 four days to go from Catania to the Bargian border. Speaking of which, what are the countries sizes and locations compared to each other? Since this an alternate/parallel Earth, are land masses similar shapes to our Earth? Or is the One Isle the only continent and a unique landmass found only in your books? I love your world building.

    You’re very meticulous in your writing; for example, you talk about how the capital of Catania is closer to its southern border because the lost territory. It’s me that’s having the difficulty putting it all and not your storytelling. A map sure would help to give a more complete and easy-to-access picture. Is one available?

    Thanks for your great writing. I’m trying not to rush the end the of this book. But then I have two more to look forward to:-).


    • Hi Melissa: Thank you – both for reading my book and for your questions. I have never been asked those before. I agree that a map would be helpful and am considering one for my upcoming novel. Thank you for confirming that train of thought. Now I need to learn how to draw a map. lol

      I picture the land as similar in size to either Great Britain or Ireland,shaped more long that circular, with similar temperate climates. Since this is a low tech society and group travel is slow it is likely smaller than one might imagine, though I can’t be really specific. While it is the only land mass referred to in the series I don’t go into whether there are others. Either way, assume there is no known contact and so the society is isolated. The “desmains” are roughly the same size, with Bargia being somewhat larger than Catania and the others somewhat smaller than either. I hope that answers your questions.

  11. Margaret Lind says:

    I read your article about IUniverse… I signed up with them for what I was told was $5,000 worth of publishing and writing assistance when it was on sale at 50% off or so they said. I honestly had -0- money, a credit card and a lot of faith that with their help I could do it… And within the first week, my salesperson wanted $375 more for editing, which I thought was included, and then, he ultimately was fired or left and after two weeks said, I still have faith in you… meaning me… and then told me… get to writing, they tend to “drop” writers…. which I said, what do you mean?… He said, I’ve seen them do it. So every time, I interact with IU I always tell them, “don’t drop me or I’ll sue you for my money back!!!” So I don’t honestly know what happened but this was in the Philippines… I don’t really have a problem with that, but since that time, I have written 30,000 words on my self-help book and am continuing to write, I think I might be halfway through… But I notice two other places that are not Indie publishers… where I think I would like to submit my book… What now? What would YOU recommend… Now, I have -0- money to add on to what I purchased. I have the contract around here somewhere and I’m looking for it. I am a lifelong journalist, now retired, and I’ve always wanted to write. This experience put a bit of pressure on me to get going, which I did, but now, I have confidence I can do this on my own and may not need “their” help…

    • Hi Margaret. I’m so sorry you got into this predicament. I am on my own and self-publish. But like you I need help. Some of that help usually has to be paid for unless you are friends with a pro who does what you need. In my case that means editing (the costliest part), a cover and formatting. If you are computer savvy you may be able to do the cover and formatting yourself. Editing, however, must always be done by someone else – someone with the skills to do it correctly. There is nothing that will sink your book quicker than poor editing.

      Those things certainly cost less than iUniverse charges for poorer quality work. There are so many companies like them – out for your money with big promises, then ignore you once the book is in print, with a lot of extra costs in between. As for “dropping you if you don’t write”. I don’t think they care. As long as you have a contract you are bound by it for the time stated. As for your current work, unless you have signed a contract already, don’t let them get their hands on it. To find the pros who can help you, and to get information so you can learn to do much of it yourself, I recommend starting with reading the “years” of posts on Indies Unlimited ( There is so much information there but that means you have to look for the bits you want. There is a search bar (top right) where you can type a couple of words to steer you to the posts you want.Also, join the Indies Unlimited Facebook group. You will get hints there for reliable contacts of the people you need. They may be able to help make your searches shorter by giving links to particular posts.

      Self-help books are in a good niche so don’t give up. Yes, you need help. We all do. But get it from people like yourself who have been there already. Most will be generous with leads and information. Another site that is very good for information is The Book Designer. Also BuildBookBuzz with Sandra Beckwith. Both are trustworthy and have great information.

      Good luck. Let me know how it all goes.

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