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Here’s my podcast interview about my writing and books on The Doug Dahlgren Show. It’s a fun interview. Doug is a great host.

The first two minutes are an intro by Kathy Rowe, another wonderful Indie author:

If you like his style you can find other audio interviews by Doug at his website.

Here’s another interview by Doug, he was kind enough to chat with me about the launch of my new book Labyrynth Quest:


And another interview withDoug, this time on Americas Web Radio’s The prologue:


Radio announcement for the launch of The Dreamt Child


My first TV interview letting people know about the launch of my third book in the Earth’s Pendulum trilogy, The Dreamt Child.

Rogers TV invited me back for another spot to talk about food research for fiction and the food my characters eat in the Earth’s Pendulum world.

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  1. avcarden says:

    Well done Yvonne! So lovely to hear your voice and congratulations on your interviews. ­čÖé

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