You Asked For It!!

For all those fantastic fans who have told me they can’t wait for the sequel to Back From Chaos, those wonderful people who have kept me going through all the agony of learning to social network (I think I am in Grade Two now), for all those who have told me how much they loved my characters and the world of the One Isle, heck … to everybody … here it is, the prologue to Through Kestrel’s Eyes.

There! Now aren’t you sorry you pushed me so hard? Now I’ve whetted your appetites only to make you wait for ‘the rest of the story’ (That last is for old radio fans who waited for those short bits of behind the scenes history every day, lol). Cruel isn’t it? Like shaking your presents under the tree and knowing you can’t guess what’s inside and won’t be able to open them for, like,  forever. Too bad! You asked for it and I’m not sorry. So there!



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