All At Once by Paige Ambroziak: My review

This is not your average “girl meets boy” story. And, though you may believe in “love at first sight” this romance does not run smoothly when that happens. The attraction between Jayne and Lyel may be deep and instantaneous, but both have barriers that stand in the way of “happily ever after” Jayne has just come off a nasty relationship which has eroded her ability to trust. Lyel has a secret that he cannot share. But true love requires trust – on both sides.

When Jayne gives Lyel that trust without knowing his secret it shatters her when he disappears after three blissful days. She is left to build her life back up on her own and shows her underlying strength in doing so.

Since this is a love story, and since the author has already told us Lyel comes back to share his secret, I know I am not sharing any spoilers by telling you that they do resolve their issues and achieve their version of “happily ever after”. Yet, it’s not quite what you’d expect. And Vera Mae keeps us in suspense about it until almost the very end.

Vera Mae weaves her story with skill and a deep understanding of human nature and the nature of inner strength. One requirement of mine, for any story I read, is that the characters are real, and develop throughout the book. In this the author gets full credit. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I think you will, too.

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