Blind Sight by Nicole Story


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I picked up Blind Sight because I had heard good things about it and wanted to expand my reading choices. YA Paranormal is not my usual go to choice. I wasn’t disappointed. The hardest part was putting this old mind into that of a teenager. But Nicole Story drew me in from the first page.  Her characters are believable and well developed.

I particularly enjoyed seeing into the mind of Jordan, the antagonist. Her thoughts and dialogue were so typically teen but with a knack for colourful analogies and turns of phrase, even in the midst of danger that had me smiling. Jordan is stuck with the nasty job of hunting and killing demons. Sure, angels sometimes help but they can be a pain, too.  Both get her dander up and she doesn’t hold back on her feelings about that. Nor is she a sissy. She can take out a trio of teens quicker than an 007 spy and defies pain and fear to stop her from protecting her family – and the rest of the world.

In between hunting and dispatching demons and other nasty characters she still finds time to make a friend, the sweet girl Wendy, who grows into a strong character in her own right, one I particularly liked.

The action never stops and the nasties Jordan faces from the ‘other side’ are drawn in a unique way, each with its own personality. They are not what you’d expect – especially the angels.

Story has woven a well-crafted, complex story with more twists and turns than you can count and an ending that will have you holding your breath waiting for the next installment.  Teens who like paranormal stories will devour it. Bravo.

There was only one small spot where I wondered about a detail but I think most readers will sail over it without noticing.

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