My Review of The Trinity by Paige Ambroziak

This is a story that will create very diverse reactions in those that read it. It is deep, involved, and may offend those with a religious bent who do not take kindly to conspiracy theories involved the Roman Catholic Church.

I was not one of those. I recognize it for what it is:  fiction, almost a fantasy, in the vein of the Da Vinci Code. Like that book it is complex, with dark secrets, skewed interpretations of doctrine, and characters that will stop at nothing, even murder, to keep those secrets and move their heretical cult’s cause forward. Unlike that book, it is written with greater skill.

Ambroziak’s writing is complex and detailed. The reader must pay close attention as the story moves back and forth in time in order to explain without giving too much away. That she does and still keeps the reader guessing attests to her considerable skill as a writer.

If I have one criticism it is that almost every character has more than one name, depending on what stage of life they are at and who they engage with. While I occasionally found that confusing I do understand why it was necessary. Those who love complex stories with intrigue and secrecy will likely find this an asset rather than a distraction.

This book is definitely not for everyone. Yet it was well researched, skillfully written and will appeal to many, especially those who like to be challenged a bit.

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