New reviews by Brenda Perlin

How do you thank someone for posting three wonderful reviews in a row both in all the regular places but even as a trio on her own website? I didn’t even know she had my books until the reviews showed up. I am speechless with gratitude.

Here’s the link to the post one Brenda’s website:

Please visit, not just for these, but for her other posts and reviews as well. And visit the Master Koda Publishing Facebook page: where she is an admin. It’s a wonderful group.


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4 Responses to New reviews by Brenda Perlin

  1. Mark Hertzberger says:

    Congratulations to my talented wife. We always knew the books were great. These reviews just confirm it!

  2. carolyn williams says:

    These are wonderful reviews of your books, Yvonne, and well deserved. Congratulations! It’s nice to see work appreciated.

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