My Review of SEASONS OF THE FOOL by Lynne Cantwell

Seasons Of The FoolCantwell has a way, not only with words, but with characters and story – even magic. This book enchanted me from the first page. It is Julia’s story, a woman who returns to her beginnings to face choices she now regrets, and act on new ones she hopes will lead to a more peaceful, content life doing what she loves – writing.

But things are never as predictable as we would like them to be, are they?

Seasons Of The Fool follows Julia back to her late grandmother’s house. The neighbours are still the same, for the most part, including an old flame – and two women who weave a spell on a loom and have Julia walk a labyrinth. They believe these are magical. Julia herself is only partly convinced.

As the reader, Cantwell cleverly gives me a choice. Do I believe there truly was magic at work and a destiny to be found and fulfilled? Or did things follow their natural course based on the choices and incidents in Julia’s life? Was Julia’s situation and the outcomes it led to, coincidence – the way the chips happened to fall? Or was there some greater force or purpose behind it all?

Regardless of how you view the world, Cantwell has delivered a delightful story that will draw you in and hold you to the end. And she has cleverly left it you, the reader, to decide whether or not magic really exists.


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5 Responses to My Review of SEASONS OF THE FOOL by Lynne Cantwell

  1. Charles Ray says:

    Great review, and it was an interesting read, wasn’t it?

  2. Ian Mathie says:

    Oh dear, my reading list has just grown another book! With so many already in the pile this Christmas is going to be a busy reading time, but this review has me sufficiently intrigued that Lynne Cantwell’s book just crept to the top of the pile.

    Thanks for spiking my interest!

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