The Hidden Auditorium by Rosanne Dingli

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Rosanne Dingli has once again confirmed why I am such a fan. The Hidden Auditorium is a mystery. That’s true. But it is so much more. Dingli has created a fresh new recipe for mystery that makes it hard to keep it neatly tucked into that box.  There is the mandatory puzzle, some danger for spice, even a dash of fatal attraction. But what make this so special are the added ingredients of art history, travel to exotic places such as Venice, Rome and Malta, fabulous jewels, music and well researched connections to real history. Even the food is interesting and made my mouth water. These elements set it several cuts above other mysteries I have read. Her characters grow and change in real ways that lead us to become invested in what happens to them. The result is a delicious, rich escape into a world most of us can only dream of.

Find out what a jaded antiques dealer, a beautiful widow, an elderly art historian, a bitter, wealthy Jew, a deranged stalker, Hitler and Wagner have in common. Now there’s a mystery to grab you and hold you until you understand it all. It did me.

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