Hannigan’s Fight by J.D. (Dan) Mader


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Hannigan’s fight is a sequel to The Biker. Since I was riveted by The Biker it followed that this was a `must read’. I was not disappointed. I already loved Matt, Maria, Striker and Hannigan so I was eager to follow them into their next escapade. Hannigan’s Fight is filled with all of the elements that drew me to The Biker; unbelievably well-developed characters, hard-hitting prose, and beautiful tender moments that prove Mader is a deep thinker and empathic writer. He understands love as deeply as he understands rage or depression.

Mader’s brilliance lies in his capacity to get underneath the obvious and lead us to like characters we would normally shun. The story line is gripping and blends well with the direction the characters take to achieve their goal of justice.

Mader’s subject matter is not for the faint of heart. Some softer souls may find it too real for comfort in spots. There are a couple of scenes, involving Hobb, the antagonist, and a captive Russian slave prostitute, that were difficult for me. Not because they were graphic, but because they were so real I felt myself inside the mind of Hobb, a place so devoid of human feeling it made me shudder. Yet, they are real. I have seen similar things with my own eyes. And these scenes are necessary to the book.

Mader has become a favourite author of mine, in spite of the fact that i do not usually choose dark subject matter.

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