Digging Deep by Boyd Lemon

Digging Deep

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Boyd Lemon looks back on his three failed marriages not with self-pity or to garner admiration or support. Digging Deep is just what the title implies, a raw, honest, no holds barred analysis of his personal culpability in the failure of each of his marriages. Each one is different, yet there are threads running through all three that repeat, one that I think is more true for men than women. That is the lack of willingness, or perhaps ability to engage in truly open discussion. As such, I find the book to be somewhat one-sided. Relationships fail because of the dynamic between two individuals, not just the actions of one member. While I respect that Lemon’s wives’ insights could, understandably, not be included, they might have added  a deeper perpective.

Yet, as it stands I do think that many could gain insight into their own relationships and, if read with the same lack of defensiveness as it is written in, possibly offer some tools that will assist them. I do think that it has more to offer men than women, although that is not exclusive.

The one thing I miss is a more in-depth analysis  of what Lemon has learned and how he uses his hard won insights in his current life and relationships – but perhaps that is another book – it could make a good one.

Lemon writes in an easy narrative style that allows the reader to get into the material without challenging them with analytical language. This makes Digging Deep accessible to readers who would not ordinarily read such material. I recommend it to those in the early stages of examining relationships and their roles in them. It is also a good tool to open discussion between those already in a relationship they wish to improve on.

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