Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Along with a number of other writers I respect I received blogger awards – twice no less. Which is pretty cool, to say nothing of ego-boosting, as I do not consider myself a particularly good blogger. I’m a pretty good person, overall, but blogging … well, not so much. So I feel truly honoured to think that two fellow writers think I deserve to be mentioned in the same league as those other worthy writers. As my British friends would say, “I’m chuffed”. (Did I get that right?)

Now, when such things come my way there is something I am asked to do in return. I do so now with humility and gratitude.

First of all, thank you R.J. Kieth and JD Mader for this honour and for your support and friendship. It is so confirming to see that you think of me this way.

Next, I am asked to tell you all seven things about myself. Since this is a happy occasion I’ll leave out the sad stuff. Hope the rest doesn’t bore you all. Here I go:
1: I didn’t start to write, other than essays and such, until i was 56. Hence the label ‘late bloomer’.
2: I missed fifth grade, skipped right to sixth, and so missed a lot of early grammar lessons. I’m still trying to catch up – or catch on – or something.
3: With my spouse, Mark, we managed to raise two wonderful, kind, responsible adults. I consider this my greatest achievement.
4: Writing keeps me sane -or not. You be the judge.
5: I am computer challenged – and how.
6: I love Indies Unlimited, where I have found a group of friends beyond any in my earlier life, though I have only actually met two of them in person. Gotta love the internet. 🙂

Now for the important part, to nominate 15 other bloggers who I believe deserve these awards more than I, and let them know. I could add several more to this list but 15 is the limit here. Now, I did say I was computer challenged so forgive me if this doesn’t work as it ought to.

One small disclaimer. I am aware how busy most of you are. I send this to you because I want to let you know how much I admire and respect you. If you can’t find the time to keep this going, or this feels too much like a chain letter and you do not wish to participate, I respect that. There is no obligation here. A few have already been part of this and may be excused from doing it all over again. No pressure, just pleasure.

1:  JD Mader at –

2: DavidAntrobus at  –

3:  Laurie Boris at –

4:  Cathy Speight at  –

5:  Sheron McCartha –

6: Rosanne Dingli at –

7: Jim Devitt at –

8: T.D. McKinnon at –

9: Chris James at –

10: L. A. Lewandowski at –

11: Melissa Pearl at –

12: Carolyn Steele at –

13: Wendy Reis at –

14: Diane Tibert at –

15:  R. J. Kieth at –

Thank you, my friends. Without you all I would not be what I am.

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21 Responses to Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Chris James says:

    Warmest thanks for putting me on the list, Yvonne, and thank you for your kind words 🙂

  2. katyasozaeva says:

    According to Hugh Laurie, it’s actually “chuffed to bits” but I have certainly seen “chuffed” used by itself just fine … 🙂

  3. Diane Tibert says:

    Congratulations, Yvonne. And thanks for the mention.

    I think writing keeps us unique…and a little crazy to keep us from going insane.

  4. Thank you so much, Yvonne! I am very honoured 🙂 As they say in New Zealand, I’m totally stoked to get this award 🙂

  5. Thanks Yvonne, since I am in northern England just now I will choose to be not merely chuffed to bits but ‘made up’ as well!

  6. Chris says:

    way to go Yvonne!! WELL deserved

  7. jimdev7 says:

    Congrats Yvonne, and thanks for thinking of me!

  8. Don’t underestimate your blogging skills Yvonne! I’ve been reading them for a while…super!

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