Canadians, Stop Paying 30% to the IRS

Canadians, Stop Paying 30% to the IRS.

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  1. successbmine says:

    Thank you for sharing that article, Yvonne. It’s good to have that information on hand. I don’t see why Canadians should pay US income tax when we don’t live there. That’s a pretty big chunk! (I’m still trying to get caught up on my e-mail. There’s just too much of it.)

      • successbmine says:

        I’m going to be in Stratford tomorrow. I’m taking the young lady who lives with me and we are going to picnic by the river. She has never been there before and this is kind of a belated birthday “celebration” for me. Any suggestions of special places to see? I will probably stroll through Wades for one thing.

        • The new Perth County Museum, on the highway just as you leave Stratford toward Sebringville, Stroll by the river, Rheo Thompson Chocolates, the art gallery on Romeo street, and just wander the mains street as it is a very pretty place to window shop. I like Balzacs for coffee, County Foods on Downie for a local lunch, Harry Ten Shilling on Downie for afternoon tea. Have a fun day.

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