With each book I write I aim to improve the quality of my work. One of the biggest challenges is to make sure that each character has a unique point of view and that his/her voice is clearly their own, that their voice is instantly recognizable to the reader.

In “Back From Chaos” I chose a multiple third person style, challenging enough at the time, but much easier than the single first person I used for “Through Kestrel’s Eyes”.

Now that I am in the midst of writing “The Dreamt Child” to complete the “Earth’s Pendulum” trilogy I have given myself an even greater challenge. Another character has emerged to stand beside Liannis on an equal footing. Liannis’ voice will, obviously, change little. But now she has a partner, another who has an equally important role in the book. He also has an established personality that must be maintained when I allow him to speak for himself.

In order for the book to be effective I must let him reveal himself in such a way that the reader is not confused as to who is speaking, (or thinking, or acting) at any given time( without constant reminders). His unique personality must shine through on its own without ambiguity. Now that is a challenge. I hope I am up to it. I could continue to use the same first person singular as in the second book, but if I can pull this off I know it will make the result much more powerful.

Have any others managed this? Let me know. The rest of you, wish me luck. Knowing you are waiting keeps me going.

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  1. Nahed Squires says:

    Of course you can do it! You’ve done a great job so far and there is no reason to doubt that the third book will be just as good.

  2. I find it much easier to write in third person so I can get into the minds of my characters. You have set yourself a challenge, and I’m sure you will succeed. I have only written one novel and it’s not published yet. I did start another story that I had no idea where it was going, but then I decided I could make it into a sequel. But I’ve had no time to do any more with it.

    I wish you all the best, Yvonne. Keep on keeping on!

  3. Dana says:

    Eagerly awaiting Dreamt Child! I can not believe that writing is a challenge…because the way I read what you have written…it seems writing comes naturally to you. I have passed on Back from Chaos to a couple friends whom each enjoyed it immensly and are wanting to buy a copy of your book….Yvonne where is it in stores again so i can pass the word along?

    • Hi Dana; Thank you. I am so glad you like my story. Unfortunately, unless you live in or near Stratford you will not find it in stores. The best way is to google amazon, choose ‘books’ from the menu and then type the title or my name in the search bar at the top. Then you will see it listed both as a paperback or for Kindle.

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