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Nicki Bricks was not your normal Private Investigator. She was the only child of late Nick Bricks, well-known private investigator in the area. “I believe this is my kid,” an older lady said with a thick southern accent shoving a newspaper clipping in front of Nicki who had drifted off in thought. The tattered newspaper clipping was from over a month ago from the charity rodeo event in Arcadia, Florida. Under the color photo, the caption read, “World Champion Bull rider, Scott McBrayer, gives another stellar performance.” He was good looking, and obviously knew what he was doing. Nicki wondered if the high heat was getting to her brain, as she never has these kinds of thoughts about a potential case. His looks, definite sex appeal, and inviting smile only added to the heat. Yet, there was more that intrigued Nicki. Something she couldn’t put her finger on.

This is the first book in the Hard as Bricks series.
This book is available on Amazon in paperback, and Kindle; Lulu; Abe Books; Book Finder 4 U; Textbook R US; and Nikol’s current promotion

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