Have you ever been SOOO close and then got heartily stuck? Yeah, me too. And my current situation is the icing on the cake. So what’s the problem? Well, a number of things, actually, not the least of which is how I use them all to procrastinate.
There is very little left to do to get “Through Kestrel’s Eyes” up and available. Just get the final versions of the covers for both books and upload them onto Kindle and Createspace. Piece of cake, right? Not! I ran into major headaches when I tried Createspace on for size. I found that every time I made a change in formatting to make it fit it messed up the rest of the formatting in my Word doc. The margins just would not work. If I followed their guidelines the print ran off the page with no margin on the right side at all. Grrrr.
Eventually two things happened. I removed ALL the formatting and began, sentence by sentence to redo it. That meant re-entering all margins, centering, page breaks, fonts, margins, and italics. And Neil Jackson, the guy doing my covers, offered to come to my rescue. (my hero) I sent him the files and sat back to wait.
And there lies the problem. Waiting gets nothing accomplished. I find myself tidying up a few things I promised for others, i.e. write a wee account of a ghost story, put a review on Amazon for a friend, and …. uuh, um, … is that really ALL? Yup. Well., almost. I do try to keep up with the networking and emails. I got a little reading done, too. That’s not so bad. But the rest of the time I sit at the computer playing games. I mean, really, what’s wrong with me? I didn’t even keep up with blogging.
So what is it I could be doing that is more productive that playing games? Well, writing, of course! I have a third book in the trilogy to give birth to. The ideas are there. I know what I want to say – well, to start, at least. But I procrastinate, then get frustrated with myself and procrastinate some more. Sound familiar?
So here I am for all of you to see, all of my warts showing. No more hiding behind the excuse that I can’t move forward until the book is published. I have voluntarily blown my cover. I will take my lumps.
Tuesday is Writers Group night. I WILL have something new for them to critique. Promise. Cross my heart …..Unless, of course Neil comes through with the covers and files before then. Hey, Neil ……?! Just kidding Neil. ­čÖé I’m too scared to want it this minute anyway. Then I really WOULD have NO excuse to procrastinate any longer. Anyone have some Prozac?

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  1. Wendy Reis says:

    Not any more, but I have taken it! No matter how many times we finally successfully accomplish something we didn’t realize we could do, the next hurdles baffles us again anyway. Hang in there.

  2. kevin says:

    No prozac Yvonne haha! Great blurb! Procrastination is most individual’s biggest issue in life. At home, at work, with friends. Say it, do it, get on with it. Good luck with your third book.
    Talk soon.

  3. Marion Adler says:

    Just wanted to say i do the same thing over and over too. A kind of willful paralysis. However – I wanted to remind you that these can be important “fallow” times and are useful and important to the creative process. I am enjoying your book – it is in pride of place on my bedside table – an escape to another dimension – a vivid, compelling world! Keep at it!

  4. Dana says:

    You are much to hard on yourself Yvonne! You need your down time too. Sounds to me from your blog that you have not been idle. Enjoy everything you are doing. Can’t wait to read your ghost story! I love ghost stories. With your talent you’d have me on the edge of my seat with goose bumps all over! ha ha

    Miss you!

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