Sprint to the Finish?

While waiting for the cover art to come in I have had some time to reflect on the process I am I am going through and what I have learned from it. I recommend reflection. It has led to some rather surprising insights about myself. Some confirm what I already knew. I have no patience. When someone says a thing will happen at a certain time I get upset when it doesn’t come through. And hearing that the person I was counting on had unexpected things come up really doesn’t mollify me. It should. I understand and accept what they say. So why can’t I let it go. It is a weakness that plagues me. But I am working on it. Honest!

I also learned some really cool things about myself. The most important is that I am much braver than I realized. Technology, the internet, electronics – these things terrify me.So what am I doing? I am taking the plunge into self-publishing. Not like last time where I paid some company a fortune to do it all for me. No, this time I am doing it myself. Well, not entirely myself. And that brings me to the other cool thing. I have found a circle of writers that I now think of as friends – on the internet. How wonderful! These people are a constant source of encouragement. But they also have taught me so much that I now actually believe I can pull off this self-publishing thing. Imagine that! Me – technophobe!

The other thing these folks have taught me is that I need not be perfect. They will not reject me if I do not agree with them or if I disclose something sensitive or controversial. I can be me – just me.

I have learned that asking questions can often lead to ways to help another who has just come into the circle. I thought I had nothing to offer. Now I have learned that the small things I do offer are appreciated. These friends (including the people I have met in the flesh, like my wonderful editor, Wendy Reis) have taught me that it is OK to ask for help, and they give it generously.

And finally, I have learned that, if I can be patient with myself (yeah, right), I will get through this and have a book out there that I will be proud of. I may not sell a million. I don’t care. Those that do buy it will see that I weave a good tale, with characters they will care about. And that I do it very competently. What more can a writer ask for?

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  1. Wendy Reis says:

    Yes, Ma’am, take a deep bow! You have so much to be proud of, and your friendship is a cherished gift.

  2. Chuck Bartok says:

    Fantastic article…You have a lot to be proud of.
    I would be honored to have you share your experiences on either our Self-improvement Talk Show or the Business Development Talk Show

  3. carolyn says:

    A very honest and very uplifting blog, Yvonne. Friendship is so very important and friends offer enormous support if only one will ask. Which is sometimes hard to do. And Wendy’s right – take a deep bow. You’ve accomplished a lot. Not only the writing, but overcoming your technophobia.:)

  4. successbmine says:

    Great article Yvonne. It’s good to learn more about ourselves so we can do what is necessary to either improve the weak areas or capitalize on our strengths. Anything we learn, whether about ourselves or about others, about our writing or about our readers (or potential readers), can be a plus to our writing ability. Keep up the good work, and keep on learning. Your friends are behind you all the way!

  5. lo says:

    Yvonne i am walking your path right now. You’re at a place i want to be incharge of everything

  6. Good perspective. Taking a new path can be terrifying, but the journey is fascinating. Good luck!

  7. Neil Jackson says:

    Patience…the lack of it is the killer of many a fine career or business…but you ARE certainly getting better. You’ll get everything that you are looking for…just take it nice and slowly. Even the self-publishing ‘flavour of the month’ John Locke, didn’t make it overnight.

    You’re now in a pond that it is getting wider by the day…but where real talent is thinner (and you have that).

    The good thing you’ve is getting your books professionally edited and marketed with quality cover art…something that many don’t do.

    We’ve got your back, Yvonne. ­čÖé

    Neil J.

  8. Yvonne – there are learning curves in everything we undertake. Daring to write about it is also brave. Confronting a fear, and the willingness to risk mistakes, are things that authors invariably find empowering.

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