Back to the REAL work

This is a good day. I have finally got myself back into doing what I love (writing … what else?) and spending less time with that ‘other stuff’ i.e. social media. If feels so good to know that I am actually accomplishing something. As of this moment 20% of my book is re-edited. When it has gone through this last review and minor re-write it will be ready for my editor. Yes, dear, impatient readers, it really is happening. You will be able to read it soon. Keep the comments coming. They make me push through and keep me motivated. After all, I do it for you, the people who want to read my story..

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2 Responses to Back to the REAL work

  1. Wendy Reis says:

    It really is about balance isn’t it? Social media is speed-networking, without having to go out and shake hands one-on-one, but should not take more than 20 to 30% of your work day. “The main thing is the main thing”.

  2. Yes, I love what I am learning about the good side of social networking. I am meeting (sort of) many new people in the field who have given me things to think about. Now if only I could learn it as fast as the younger generation. Then it would not take up so much of my time, time I ought to be spending on writing.

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