Don’t we all love fans like this?

Your book is amazing captivating excellent!! really a great summer night read. THANK YOU!!

This was posted on Betty’s wall so I asked for her permission to use it.

Don’t we all love fans like this? What is the best  thing anyone has said about your work? Sure makes me want to keep writing. Others have made similar comments from time to time. When my belief in my work flags I go back to these remarks re-inspire me. When it is so hard to find a following as a newcomer it is unsolicited comments like this that re-inspire me and give me hope that I will gain respect and recognition in the wider publishing context. Thank you to all those who have kept me going.

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  1. Wendy Reis says:

    I have just begun REREADING Back From Chaos and I know anew why I am so enthralled with your writing!

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