Through Kestrel’s Eyes

How do you all like that? does that title entice you? I hope so ’cause it’s the title for the sequel to Back From Chaos. My first draft is about half done. The big challenge this time is to keep everything in the first person point of view. But when the protagonist is a seer it does allow me some licence. I am enjoying this new way of looking at the world. It makes things more immediate and keeps me focused more. stay posted on my progress … or if you have an opinion on this send it along.

I do have an issue, though. It has to do with the lumping together of Fantasy with Science Fiction. To my mind they are two very distinct genres and this way of lumping them together does both genres a disfavour. Each has its own following and there is little cross-over. What do you think? And how do I convince readers who like Historical Romance, or Historical Fiction or even just Romance that they will likely enjoy Fantasy, or at least Epic Fantasy as it usually contains elements of these in it? Sigh.

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