Back From Chaos

Hello.  My first fantasy novel is mere weeks away from release. It is called “Back From Chaos, Book One of Earth’s Pendulum”.  When it becomes available I will let everyone know.

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7 Responses to Back From Chaos

  1. Jeff Sproul says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to read it! 😀

  2. hertzberger says:

    Thanks Jeff!

  3. Yvonne Hertzberger says:

    Here we are, one step closer to completion and release. The cover design is in process. Then all that is left is to put it into a pdf file and the final proof read and my last changes and approval.

    The wait is becoming intolerable as I get closer to the point where I will have a REAL book in my hands. There is nothing for me to do at this end. It is all in their hands now. And so I twiddle my thumbs and send vibes to the publisher to hurry up.

    Actually I am doing my best to concentrate on the sequel. And finding time to do some reading, a luxury that I have little time for when in the throws of creating.

    Any other writers out there with a story to share? Yvonne

  4. Mark says:

    Way to go Yvonne! You’re on the home stretch. It will be great to read the final copy. All the best.
    – Mark

  5. Here I go with another lame comment 🙂

    Remember to enjoy the waiting. There is nothing you need do, it is all in well-practiced hands. This is your time to relax, yes, to read, and to gear up for the book release day!

  6. Liz Massiah says:

    Way to go – I will order it and suggest that our book club read it next.

    Good for you.

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