Smashwords Book Sale

For the remainder of July Smashwords has a promo on. This puts Back From Chaos as free, Through Kestrel’s Eyes at $1.00, and The Dreamt Child at $1.25. Look for the promo coupon when you click on the book page.

That means all three for only $2.25. Smashwords can be loaded down in many formats for various e-readers, i-pads and i-phones. Enjoy this while it lasts.

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5 Responses to Smashwords Book Sale

  1. Dale Furse says:

    Sounds great. Good luck with the sale. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Dale. I hope some readers get to take advantage of it.

  3. Andrea Flory says:

    Just tweeted about this bargain, and will do a quick post about it too, but if you don’t mind I’ll get my copies from Amazon. I tried Smashwords once and couldn’t get the book I’d paid for to download. Their email support was useless. Best of luck with the promotion!

    • Thanks for the support. But I’ve never had an issue downloading from Smashwords and transferring it to my Kindle. Did you download the mobi version? That’s what Kindle uses.

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